How to live when you lose motivation?

How to live when you lose motivation?

The lack of motivation is the same thing as paralysis. It just happens in the invisible side of things.

Why do we feel we lose it? Why most of us use the word ‘lose’? Why do we associate the feeling of not being motivated with losing it? Why do we associate absence with loss, deprivation and even defeat?

Why do we suppose we had it from the beginning? By default? On what ground we make this assumption?

In its definition, motivation is: a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Now, what is the definition of reason?
– the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways : Intelligence
– proper exercise of the mind
– sanity
– the sum of the intellectual powers

So what is the lack of reason? Insanity, foolishness, improper exercise of the mind, incapacity of comprehending?
I don’t really think so.

The fact that so many people don’t find a good enough reason to act now towards one direction or another does not mean they won’t find it tomorrow. It does not mean that they won’t create or imagine a good enough reason tomorrow. It does not mean they are not sane or intelligent. The most depressed people I know are more sane, sensitive and intelligent than most of those who self-label themselves as ‘normal’.

These mis-associations happen because for some reason (or too many) we ended up taking for granted the words and implicitly, their meanings. This ‘negative’ reflex also creates a lot of self-pressure and stigma. I don’t think this is a biological/natural reflex, but a fake one born from too much marketing, PR and politics.

Maybe it will prove more helpful to go back to the roots from time to time and to wonder, to ask new questions or to give new answers to old questions. To improve, upgrade and uplift definitions.

Maybe the cure of depression is curiosity.
Maybe a spark is all that it takes to catalyze it.

Let’s make sure we try our best to give each other that spark. Who knows what great things may happen?

Start being well again!

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