“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

It’s a 1994 line from “The Shawshank Redemption” film with Morgan Freeman and Andi Robbins. A must see a movie for all the people out there who need a stimulant to remember to not be afraid and to keep trying. But not being surviving victims of circumstances and adversities, but to follow their vision and their flow, to break through. To bounce back.

Resilience and hope. Two things that walk hand in hand. One without the other is powerless.

I am embarking myself in a new journey with an unknown finale. The last time I tried to do this journey I’ve been washed out. I was 27. After you failed once, you feel like after having a road accident. When back on the wheel, unknown fears and hesitations pop up out of nowhere. You don’t want to suffer again. You also know you don’t have time left to recover from another fall and to spend years of cleaning the shit after it.

You know what? These are you biggest assets. Your competitive advantage. Because there is no Plan B available, you really have to make Plan A work.

One who engages everything in the attempt has all chances to make it. When there is nothing to lose, there is everything to win.

We are in the midst of preparations to start the new Bounce Back business after years of reinvention and learning. After a decade from our first and last family business that occupied our entire lives until our 30s and after it took away everything from us, we are ready to try again. In all these years I turned my former entrepreneur into a serial awarded problem solver in open innovation market, a tv and film producer and other smaller, but relevant things.

I hadn’t saved my randomly revenues despite the terror to answer the question “What will I do tomorrow?”. I invested them in small tools, software and things I need or think I need. Things I didn’t know exactly how I to put together, they were pieces of a puzzle for which I never had a picture to guide me forward for the pieces.

Each time I spend the money I make on the things I (think) I want, I ask myself the question: is this an expense or an investment? Does it have the potential to add value to my life? To lead me somewhere better?

Me and my sister talk a lot these days about this move and the long list we need to cover, among many other things because we are about to take a new risk.

At some point she sighed and told me:

“If we fail, I can’t take it anymore, I don’t feel I am able to get up again from the ground.”

I know very well what she meant, I feel the same.

“Don’t be afraid. Remember there is nothing here. There is nothing from the things you want, need, dream. You just got too familiar with the certainty of misery.”

Get busy living, or get busy dying. The script breaks down to this simple choice. A good reminder when fears and hesitations surround you.

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